Olympic Originals

Designed as a small but beautiful gift, this is perfect as a memento of the Olympic games.

Beautiful colour and mono reproductions of fabulous pictures on every page. Not just a collection of wonderful pictures, but with a fact-filled and witty text, this original book will inform and entertain both during and after the Olympic games.

Reader Reviews:

“This book is fun! An enticing little melange of Olympics ancient and relatively modern. Informative and wickedly funny. Could be more entertaining than a trip to the games….”

“The illustrations are simply fabulous, very well chosen indeed.”

“As humorous as ever.”

“Refreshingly modern writing style.”

Sample Pages:






Practical Information

Number of pages: 48

Number of pictures: 46 full colour and mono

Size: 11.5 x 11 cm

Weight: 48 g 

Publication date:  12 June 2012

Includes detailed information on the sources of the images.

Currently available for sale in the UK only.